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Survey, Inspection and NDT

In today’s built environment our building structures and industrial assets are continually under attack from age related stresses and strains and the ever increasing severity impact of our changing climate and demand on use or process.

More than ever, the owners of this infrastructure are under increasing pressure to record accurately and frequently the condition of their assets both for financial, life extension and health and safety matters.

Zenith Consultants have been providing detailed surveys and structural assessments to our Clients asset portfolio for over 5 years. We have undertaken detailed visual, geometric and condition surveys of; stairways, buildings, support frames, ducts, steel & concrete stacks, bridges, jetties, guy wires and cable stays, historic structures, containment vessels and silos.


Our working at height and access expertise allows us to undertake surveys and inspections in often hard to reach areas where in particular, a lack of maintenance combined with severe exposure has generated significant defects in some critical areas.

Our range of services include:

  • Detailed Visual Inspection
  • Non Destructive Testing MPI/DP
  • Wire Rope, Guy Wire and Cable Stay NDT
  • Stack Verticality Checks
  • Weld Inspections
  • Ultrasonic Thickness Test
  • Concrete Sampling – Coring, Carbonation & Chlorination Testing
  • Borescope Survey

We are able to provide and report survey data in its simplest form (condition report) or we are able to present the information onto our design Engineers for further structural assessment and analysis as required.

Case Study – Longannet Jetty Inspection

Longannet Power Station is a 2304-megawatt coal- fired station, comprising four separate generating units. It has been operational since 1970 and for a time was the largest station in Europe. The jetty at Longannet Power Station has been in service since original construction in 1970, and required to be refurbished to extend its useful life. The survey and assessment phase was part of the overall refurbishment programme.

> Download the Zenith Longannet Jetty Inspection Case Study

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